Maritime traffic


Environmental protection


  • Fleet monitoring
  • Monitoring of fishing areas for illegal activities
  • Control of fishing practices

Civil government

  • Maritime security and safety
    • Control of territorial waters
    • Maritime law enforcement
    • Search and rescue
  • Environmental protection


  • Audits of past data for liability assessments
  • Navigational risk assessment
  • Vessel tracking
  • Search & rescue

Ship owners / maritime agencies

  • Ship tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Search and rescue

Offshore energy

  • Monitoring of platform surrounding areas:
    • Evaluation of ecosystem prior to installation
    • Prevention of smuggling and pirate attacks
    • Surveillance of fishing vessels to prevent damage to submarine cables
    • Search and rescue
  • Monitoring of routes to prevent personnel kidnappings

Business intelligence

  • Maritime flows analytics
  • Port intelligence

Marine protection

  • Monitoring of protected areas : prevent degradation of marine environment, ecosystems and resources