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Maritime surveillance service

90% of goods are transported by sea, new maritime routes are opening up and pirate ships and illegal vessels are ever- present…
All a ship has to do is to cut its embedded active beacon (automatic identification system, for example) to vanish from the surveillance screens!
Unseenlabs’ innovative electromagnetic technology enables it to track any vessel, anywhere and at any time – even when other systems can’t.

Only unseenlabs is able to pick up key information with unrivalled reliability at this level of precision.
Many customers, including insurance companies, industrial groups and governments already trust our technology.
The ability to locate and monitor vessels is essential in the fight against pollution and illegal traffic and contributes to the safety in our oceans.

Unseenlabs data content

UnseenLabs’ products consist in Lists of detected ship-borne RF emitters containing, for each emitter:

  • Its geolocation coordinates.
  • A unique electromagnetic signature or “fingerprint” enabling unfalsifiable identification of the emitter.

Unseenlabs data features

  • Acquirable for any location, at all times, day or night, and in all weather.
  • Unrivalled technical and geographical precision.
  • Tamper-proof.
  • Easily merged with complementary technologies made data.
  • Light and interpretable, enabling near real-time processing and delivery.
  • Unrivaled coverage.

Unseenlabs subscription

Subscribe to our service to get access to customized data, processed to meet your specifications:

BRO-1 Satellite UnseenLabs

Define your data requirements

Unseenlabs subscription features:

  • Area(s) of interest, anywhere on the globe.
  • Frequency of data transmission (continuous or on demand).
  • Frequency of data collection.
  • Data delivery format (KML, geojson, shapefiles, custom formats…).
  • Subscription duration.
UnseenLabs constellation

Unseenlabs collects and processes your data

BRO MAP UnseenLabs computer

Secure delivery of your data in near real-time