Unseenlabs and Secure-IC offer Post-Quantum Cryptography authentication

Secure-IC and Unseenlabs partner to retrofit satellites already in mission mode with the capability to secure and authenticate data using Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cesson-Sévigné (France), November 17th, 2022 – Secure-IC, the rising leader and unique global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects, and Unseenlabs, world leader in space-based RF detection for Maritime Domain Awareness, , announce today at the European Cyber Week 2022 their partnership to retrofit BRO satellites already in orbit with the capability to secure and authenticate data using Post-Quantum Cryptography. This announcement means that Secure-IC and Unseenlabs, both companies from Rennes (France), become the first companies in the world which offer PQC authentication, end-to-end, from satellite to cloud (in the ground segment).

Security technologies are evolving at a rapid rate, as is computing. The field of cryptography is facing an unprecedented need for renewal. From historical computation paradigms to today’s digital logic, the once futuristic quantum computing is now rapidly approaching. Secure-IC is pioneering on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) secure implementations in Hardware and Software and is involved in many initiatives to provide real use-cases, evaluate of implementation security and overall promote the idea of a really secure Post-Quantum security.

Unseenlabs strengthened earlier this year its satellites constellation with two more satellites (BRO-6 & BRO-7), arriving to a total of seven. The French company plans now a new project: the release of “BRO-PQC” on its satellite constellation (current and upcoming satellites), which is augmented with the ability to notarize information arising from the satellites and secure data using Post-Quantum Cryptography. This service is powered by SecuryzrTM technology, provided by Secure-IC, the world leading company in embedded cyber-security.

“With the “BRO-PQC” project, we aim at leveraging Post-Quantum Cryptography to provide state-of-the-art and future-proof authenticity of the data which is measured from LEO Sky and subsequently downloaded to Earth. Secure-IC arises as the ideal partner to overcome these challenges” said Jonathan Galic, Unseenlabs CTO & Co-Founder. “Secure-IC offerings deliver the flexibility, performance and capability we were looking for, which are needed in order to deliver tangible, near real-time data and secure data to our clients”.

Secure-IC has been providing the electronic and semiconductor industries, for over a decade, with its protection technologies, namely the SecuryzrTM integrated Security Services Platform (iSSP), for various market applications. This enables its customers and partners to secure and manage their fleet of devices from the cloud and be provided with added-value security services, as well as compliance to standards. Secure-IC recently acquired Silex Insight security business, becoming the actor that offers the largest portfolio of embedded security solutions to the market.

“Our solutions are currently embedded into hundreds of millions of electronic chips for smartphones, computers, automobiles, smart meters, cloud servers and more. The announcement of this partnership with Unseenlabs reaffirms Secure-IC’s leading position in the embedded cyber-security landscape and innovation in cutting-edge technologies” said Sylvain Guilley, Secure-IC’s CTO & Co-Founder.

With the rapid development of quantum computers, there is a surge to prepare the replacement of Classical Asymmetric Cryptography with so-called Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Several algorithms have been devised as drop-in replacements, and even some industries have proactively adopted PQC for products’ “internal security” (e.g., secure firmware update, with LMS & XMSS, IETF RFC 8554 & 8391).

Secure-IC has been developing both hardware and software solutions for PQC, including security verification and pre-certifiability.

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