Successful entry into orbit for BRO-2 & BRO-3

Press release. Rennes, 20 November 2020 – Unseenlabs is the European leader in satellite radio frequency (RF) geolocation of ships at sea. This morning at 3.13am (UTC), Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle successfully deployed the BRO-2 and BRO-3 nano-satellites to a sun-synchronous orbit at 500 km altitude.

After being the first French new space start-up to successfully launch its first satellite, BRO-1 in August 2019, which has been technically and commercially operational since then, the launch of BRO-2 and BRO-3 marks the beginning of the deployment of the Unseenlabs constellation, which will comprise between 20 and 25 nano-satellites by 2025.

Created in 2015 by brothers Clement and Jonathan Galic, both aerospace engineers (Airbus Space Division, Atos), Unseenlabs has become in 5 years the European leader in the geolocation of ships (cargo, tanker, container carrier, commercial ships, fishing boats …) at sea. Unseenlabs’ technology is the only one today that allows to geolocate a ship so precisely and quickly from a single nano-satellite.

Marketed since January 2020, the Unseenlabs service is gaining in identification accuracy with each satellite launch: with two additional nano-satellites in orbit Unseenlabs has now the best revisit time available on the market for radio frequency detection from space.

Download press release here.

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