BRO-1 first anniversary

Bro-1 Launch UnseenLabs

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of BRO-1 launch! 

The name BRO-1 stands for « Breizh-Recon-Orbiter-1 » in tribute to the Brittany region, but also to the Galic brothers, founders of the company. 

It was launched on 20 august 2019 aboard Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket which took off from launch pad LC-1 (Launch-Complex 1) in the Mahia peninsula (New-Zealand) at 00:12 local time (UTC 12:12). The satellite was injected into its nominal circular orbit with an altitude of 550km and inclination of 45°, making UnseenLabs the first French privately-owned company to go to space. 

BRO-1 has proven to be operational ever since, successfully gathering and delivering unique data for maritime surveillance.

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