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Challenges of Maritime Surveillance

While the maritime sector is vital to the world’s economy and evergrowing, its many actors often lack reliable real-time data on sea traffic. The main vessel localization tool available today (the Automatic Identification System or AIS) was not originally designed to track ships (it can be tampered with or simply turned off) and often can not be used effectively to meet the needs of a very diverse range such as : maritime agencies, insurance companies, environmental organizations, governments… And that’s where we come in.

360 700 000 Km²

Ocean total area


of the world's trade is carried by sea


of the time, ships can not be located


of polluters are not localized


of fish comes from illegal fishing


increase in shipping cost since 2008 for shipping companies

Our technology

Unseenlabs provides the civilian and military in the maritime sector with the ability to locate ships by detecting and characterizing their passive electromagnetic signature. We’re able to track any ship, anywhere, anytime, where other systems cannot.


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