Brittany, at the heart of the space industry!

Unseenlabs Cailabs Bsmart

Meet Jean-Francois Morizur, CEO and Founder of Cailabs and Clément Galic, CEO and Co-founder of Unseenlabs in the BSMART show presented by Thomas HUGUES. Thanks to our partner Cailabs for this invitation!

Watch the interview here:

Cailabs is a Breton company, world leader in light shaping and designs optical components for laser communications and industrial lasers for terrestrial and space applications.

Cailabs proposes a way to manage the transformation of the laser in the atmosphere, which allows confidentiality, not to be intercepted or scrambled but also to have very good data rates compared to radio. Cailabs makes it possible to link the satellite to the ground with optical cores.

We are very happy to have this handsome company as a partner!

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